Advantages of Using Eppendorf Filter Tips

Posted by anna on April 19, 2022

If you're preparing to use eppendorf filter tips, you may be wondering whether they're worth the investment. These filter tips are made from hydrophobic, flexible materials that fit your pipet cone perfectly. They feature defined pore sizes and protection from biomolecules and aerosols, and they are pyrogen free. Here are some advantages of using eppendorf filter tips. They make the most of your pipet cone and ensure a cleaner sample.

Genuine Eppendorf pipette tips are designed to provide certified performance with Eppendorf pipettes. Their patented epTIPS technology reduces tip attachment forces, resulting in a fully sealed system. They're color-coded, and meet requirements set by EN ISO 8655-2 and DIN 12650-2. The Eppendorf pipettes are available with either 200-, 300 or 1,000-ul tips.

Single-channel Eppendorf pipette tips are also available. They are available in volumes from 0.1 uL to 10mL. They feature a silicified tip with a smooth wall that won't hang. The tips have a validity period of 24 months and should be stored at room temperature. To ensure the safety of your samples, you should store pipette tips properly, using the following tips:

Using a barrier tip means that you can eliminate the risk of cross-contamination due to contaminated filters. These tips are ideal for RNA, PCR applications, working with toxic chemicals, and handling radioisotopes. These tips are compatible with all Eppendorf pipettors, and their elastic design makes them reliable. You can even use them on the same pipette for different experiments. The elastic design allows them to stretch and fit securely.

Another benefit of using filter tips is that they're easy to discard. If you accidentally aspirate liquid from a pipette, you can simply discard the contaminated tip. It's a much more convenient way to clean a pipette than sending it in for repair. These tips also make for excellent training wheels for new lab members. When a new lab member accidentally aspirates liquid from a pipette, it's easy to dispose of the dirty tip instead of sending it out for repair.

eppendorf repeater plus

Eppendorf Repeater Plus Pipettor

The Eppendorf Repeater Plus Pipettor is an advanced handheld device for repetitive pipetting that delivers consistent, fast results. When used with Eppendorf Combitip Plus Tips, it forms a convenient dispensing system that provides precise repeatability in volume. Users can choose from one of eleven2 volume settings with a digital LCD display. The pipette automatically recognizes the Combitip Plus and the position of the volume selection dial.

To use the Multipette(r) plus, read the instructions and manual carefully. The operating manual is divided into tabular and figural instructions. Refer to the table of contents for further instructions. Alternatively, refer to the product description. If you're unfamiliar with its basic features, consult an Eppendorf-authorized manual. There, you'll learn more about the Multipette's features and how to use it.

The Multipette plus has an ergonomic design and a multi-use mechanism. You can place a Combitip tip onto the wall of a tube. Once you've placed the Combitip in the tube, press the fill lever to bring the system back to the basic position. This mechanism also allows you to change the volume of liquid, such as insulin, without re-filling the bottle. However, you must make sure that you follow all instructions, particularly those regarding safety.

If you're looking for a high-precision instrument, the Repeater Plus1 is an excellent choice. Its advanced features will reduce the time and error associated with manual long-series pipetting. Its enlarged volume selection and electronic display ensure accuracy. Its ergonomically designed rounded grip reduces the strain on the hand muscles. You'll find the Eppendorf Repeater Plus1 a valuable tool in your laboratory.

Save Money With Neptune Pipette Tips

If you're looking to save money, consider the reusable, polypropylene Neptune pipette tips. Neptune's tips are compatible with all types of pipette, including the popular CMC. Designed for optimal pipetting accuracy, these tips are guaranteed to eliminate tip retention and provide excellent consistency. They feature a thin wall design that prevents aerosol contamination and are sold in convenient four-tuple cases.

The ESP System, which allows you to reuse your old tips, allows you to cut your plastic waste by 90%. With the ESP system, Neptune's tips can be easily refilled and reused. The pipette tip features an exclusive S3 polymer that improves accuracy. In addition, Neptune's pre-sterile universal barrier tips are made with virgin polypropylene.
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