Do urgent cares run urine and blood tests?

Posted by Amelia on December 21, 2022
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    If you’re in the middle of an illness, you might be thinking about how to get help. Urgent cares are a great place to go, but they don’t offer blood and urine tests. If you need more information about what these tests do and why they aren’t performed at urgent cares, read on!

    Urgent care does not offer blood and urine tests.

    Urgent care does not offer blood and urine tests.

    The reason for this is that urgent cares are designed to be more efficient than hospitals, so they don't have the time or space to run such tests. If you need one of these tests done, go to your primary care physician or local hospital instead (and make sure they'll accept your insurance).

    If you've got an urgent situation and need blood work during office hours, it's best just to wait until after hours when the lab will be open and ready for business--this way there won't be any unnecessary delays caused by them being closed when their services are needed most!

    What are urine and blood tests?

    Urinalysis tests the urine for signs of infection or disease. It's used to diagnose urinary tract infections, kidney disease and other conditions.

    Blood tests measure the level of a substance in your blood, such as glucose (sugar) or protein. They're used to screen for diseases and find out what's wrong with you if you have symptoms.

    Why do urgent cares not perform urinalysis and blood tests?

    Urgent cares are not equipped to perform urinalysis or blood tests. Urgent cares do not have the equipment or staff to perform these tests. They may not even have the expertise, as they are not trained in laboratory medicine.

    Why are these tests performed at a hospital?

    Urgent care centers are the best place to go for a quick diagnosis and treatment of minor illnesses. However, they don't offer all the same services as hospitals do. If you have serious health concerns--such as a heart attack or stroke--you should go straight to an emergency room or urgent care center rather than trying your luck at one of these facilities.

    Urgent care centers aren't equipped with the same sophisticated equipment or highly trained staff as hospitals; therefore, they can't run many tests on-site like some hospitals do. They also don't offer 24-hour care like an ER does (though some urgent cares may be open 24/7). For example: if you need blood work done at 3 AM because you think something might be wrong with one of your organs but none of the doctors in town are available until 8 AM tomorrow morning then it's better off going straight over there instead wasting time waiting around for someone else who knows what they're doing!

    What conditions can be diagnosed by a urine test?

    Urinary tract infections, kidney disease and diabetes are among the conditions that can be diagnosed by a urine test.

    Urine tests can also detect liver disease, urinary tract stones and cancer.

    What conditions can be diagnosed by a blood test?

    Blood tests are used to diagnose a wide range of conditions, including:

    • Blood type
    • Diabetes and other blood sugar disorders
    • Liver and kidney function
    • Anemia, which can be caused by iron deficiency or chronic disease (such as cancer) that affects the body's ability to produce red blood cells. This test is also sometimes used to screen for sickle cell disease.
    • Cholesterol levels can be measured with either a standard cholesterol panel or an advanced lipid panel that provides more data about your overall risk for heart disease and stroke.

    Urgent cares cannot perform urine and blood tests.

    Urgent cares cannot perform urine and blood tests. Urgent cares are not hospitals, so they don't have the equipment to run these kinds of tests. Urgent cares can treat most minor illnesses and injuries, but if you need a urine or blood test, you'll need to go somewhere else.

    Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are one example of an illness that may require a urine test at an urgent care center. If you have symptoms like burning during urination or frequent urges to use the bathroom--and especially if these symptoms come with pain in your lower abdomen--it's possible that you've got a UTI on your hands! A doctor will order a culture from this sample so he can determine which bacteria caused your infection and prescribe antibiotics accordingly.


    Urgent cares are great for treating minor injuries and illnesses, but they cannot perform urine and blood tests. If you have questions about your test results or need more information about what's going on in your body, call your primary care provider or a specialist at their office.
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