April 12, 2022
Can An ELISA Test Be Positive?

A positive ELISA test result is often associated with an unrelated disease, and confirmation requires an additional method to be performed. If there is a high-level of suspicion of Lyme disease, a positive ELISA result may not rule out the existence of the underlying condition. Furthermore, some cyst carriers may also be carriers of Hiv. […]

March 15, 2022
Rapid Strep Test Accuracy

Rapid strep testing is the standard of care in the diagnosis of strep throat. It is highly accurate and specific. The tests are not only useful for the diagnosis of strep throat, but also for monitoring its progression. The diagnostic accuracy of these tests has been determined through systematic reviews of 105 studies. These studies […]

March 10, 2022
ASRS Shuttle System

The ASRS Shuttle System is used to facilitate a large volume of orders every day. Its carriages are equipped with telescopic forks and lifts to extract the box contents from the warehouse floor. The transfer cars then transfer the boxes to the racking system's lifts, which distribute the contents between different levels. Once they reach […]

March 10, 2022
24 Well Deep Well Plates

A 24 deep well plate meets SLAS/ANSI specifications for multiple high-volume experiments. This model is made of high-grade polypropylene with a low extractable polymer content, making it ideal for reaction chemistry experiments. Its conical base improves sample recovery and is stackable, allowing it to be stored at -80 degrees C. In addition, the 24-well depth […]

March 9, 2022
How Does A CCD Camera Detector Work?

The CCD camera detector works by converting light into charge entities in the silicon substrate. These charge entities are created as a result of incident light and are usually termed photoelectrons. These electrons accumulate for long periods of time and are then read by the camera's electronics. To produce a color image, an additional process […]

March 4, 2022
RNA Extractor

An RNA extractor helps in the rapid isolation of viral RNA from samples. The device is specifically designed for low-manual intervention and large volumes of samples. An automated platform can process up to 100 samples in one hour. Its automatic features improve the isolation of sample RNA and increase the production of sample testing. Moreover, […]

March 2, 2022
M4 Viral Transport Media

A nasopharyngeal swab of a respiratory specimen is placed in M4 viral transport media. The sample must be cooled and transported to a lab as quickly as possible. The transport medium is diluted to make a concentration of 1 mL of the infectious agent. If the test is negative, it is important to collect a […]

February 24, 2022
What's Elisa?

In direct and sandwich ELISAs, this can lead to minimal color development determining the maximal background in the absence of analyte. The obtained S0 worth can be used for worth correction of all other obtained values (commonly often recognized as “blanking”), but is extra generally used to find out the null value of the usual […]

December 18, 2021
What Are Antibodies?

The antibodies and antigens are very low in molecular weight (20-30 kDA). I may also be diluting the antigen/protein that I might be testing for in water. One of my pattern checks may even comprise neutravidin immobilized on the membrane for my test line and an anti-rabbit goat antibody on my management line. On the other […]

December 7, 2021
Why Automated Lateral Move Manufacturing Improves Assay Accuracy?

Roche also intends to file for Emergency Use Authorisation to the U.S. In June 2021, Thermo Fisher Scientific launched a new CE-IVD-marked rapid flow essay COVID-19 take a look at. Expands Thermo Fisher's vary of tests that detect energetic SARS-CoV-2 infections. Infectious diseases testing garnered more than USD 2.1 billion in 2020 and will witness a […]

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