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Posted by anna on March 4, 2022

An RNA extractor helps in the rapid isolation of viral RNA from samples. The device is specifically designed for low-manual intervention and large volumes of samples. An automated platform can process up to 100 samples in one hour. Its automatic features improve the isolation of sample RNA and increase the production of sample testing. Moreover, it has a large capacity, and it can process thousands of samples at a time.

Its performance depends on the reagents it uses. Some reagents can handle samples up to ten micrograms, while others can work with just a few milligrams. Some reagents can even be used in a small sample. Using the TOOLSmart RNA Extractor can help you isolate total RNA from samples within one hour. In addition, the product eliminates the possibility of DNA and protein contamination.

TOOLSmart RNA Extractor is a better reagent than other types of reagents. Its sensitivity and lysis capacity enable it to isolate total RNA from samples with high quality. During sample homogenization, TOOLSmart RNA Extractor disrupts cells and dissolves cell components. This device allows you to isolate RNA from small and large samples in as little as one hour. In addition, you don't have to worry about DNA contamination of RNA products.

The SPRI-TE Nucleic Acid Extractor is a highly efficient reagent for automated purification of DNA and RNA. This system can handle one to ten samples in 30 minutes and requires minimal user training. It has several different settings for genomic and cellular DNA. SPRI-TE technology ensures high-quality purification without centrifugation. This eliminates the risk of DNA contamination. There are also different options for the genomic and cellular DNA extraction.

There are several RNA extraction machines available in the market. The most popular ones are the TOOLSmart RNA Extractor and TOOLSmart XP RNA Extractor. Both of these machines are excellent options for obtaining total RNA from samples. You should also choose one that will meet your specific needs. These reagents can make a lot of samples ready in as little as an hour. You can find out more about the sensitivity of the reagent by reading the manufacturer's manual or looking at the reviews of other customers.

The TOOLSmart RNA Extractor is based on a regular nucleic acid extraction reagent. Its sensitivity and lysis ability are higher than those of a standard reagent. The TOOLSmart RNA Extractor isolates total RNA from samples in under an hour. During the homogenization process, the reagents disintegrate cells and dissolve their constituents. Furthermore, it eliminates DNA and protein contamination.

The QuickGene series provides a high-quality, automatic, and affordable RNA extraction method. It does not require centrifugation. It isolates DNA and RNA from samples by pressing them through a hydrophilic membrane. Its ultra thin polymer membrane retains the hydrophilic molecules in the samples, and unwanted molecules wash out. The results are then isolated in the collection tubes. This is a very efficient RNA extractor for various applications.


The Benefits of an Automated RNA Extractor

If you are in need of a high-yield RNA extractor, an automated system may be what you need. These systems are designed to reduce the number of steps in nucleic acid extraction and improve the output. Additionally, they decrease the amount of time it takes to perform an experiment and ensure the highest quality and safety levels. To make sure that you are getting the best RNA extraction possible, read on to learn more about these machines.

An automated RNA extractor is a high-tech device that can rapidly and easily isolate viral RNA from swab samples. This type of instrument uses a magnetic bead technique to isolate the RNA from samples. This technology allows for an exceptional speed of extraction, consistent results, and ease of use. With a 96-well plate, this machine can process samples from one to 32.

The automation process allows scientists to focus on more important tasks. In addition to ensuring consistency, automated RNA extractors are also faster than manual methods. For example, one machine can process 100 swab samples in an hour. In addition, a single operator can handle several samples simultaneously. As a result, automation is a very efficient workflow solution and improves sample output. The machines are very user-friendly and can handle large volumes of sample.

Another high-tech product is the SuperExtract 32. This machine utilizes a magnetic bead technique to extract nucleic acid. This model is characterized by its high degree of automation, fast extraction speed, and stable results. The software is easy to use, and it has a 96-well plate that can handle up to 32 samples at a time. The software is customizable and will allow for easy operation for any lab.

Another popular automated RNA extractor is the SuperExtract 32. This high-tech product uses magnetic beads to collect nucleic acids. The sensitivity of the method was tested by using poliovirus type 2 Sabin in cerebrospinal fluid. The instruments produced 100 PFU/ml RNA, and were highly sensitive. The BioRobot M48 was found to detect 100% of poliovirus in human samples.

In addition to the SuperExtract 32, another high-tech product is the CyBio FeliX extract. This is a 96-well system that uses magnetic beads to extract nucleic acid. Its high-speed, stable results, and easy operation make this a popular option for a nucleic acid extraction machine. Its 96-well plate allows for simultaneous extraction of up to 32 samples.

The VERSA NAP is compatible with a wide range of commercial kits and reagents. This system also offers the flexibility to upgrade workflows as new consumables become available. Various VERSA NAP systems are compatible with a wide range of consumables. Aside from a high-quality RNA extractor, the automated VERSA Nucleic Acid Extraction and Purification workstations can be a versatile tool for a lab.

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